Sainsbury’s Are Selling Bottles Of Prosecco For £1.50

Stop what you’re doing, Sainsbury’s are selling bottles of prosecco for just £1.50 – and you have to be very quick to snap up this absolute bargain.

The deal was spotted by penny-saving website, Money Saving Expert, who explain what you need to do to get your hands on bargain prosecco.

New online customers can effectively get the prosecco for £1.50 a bottle, but you have to buy six – damn!

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Already a customer, don’t worry about it, you can still get prosecco for just £3 more per bottle, which is still a big saving.

And get this, if prosecco isn’t your drink of choice you can also use this trick on wine and champagne, nice.

So – here’s what Money Saving Expert says you need to do…

First, find a cheap prosecco or champagne at Sainsbury’s online.

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Then you’ll find Sainsbury’s also has 25% off six bottles of prosecco, wine or champagne and until Tue 29 Aug, you’ll automatically get a further 25% discount…

Six bottles of Sainsbury’s Prosecco Frizzante for £27 (£4.50/bottle)
Six bottles of Valdo Prosecco Marca Oro for £33.75 (£5.63/bottle)
Six bottles of Antoine De Clevecy champagne for £65.25 (£10.88/bottle)

Delivery is between £1 and £6 – or free if you collect in a store.

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Now here’s the trick – if you’re new to Sainsbury’s grocery online you can add a discount code it further with an £18 off £60 code.

You will need to buy your normal groceries as well and have your order delivered/collected before 11pm today (Wed 23 Aug).

Use the code SCSSEOAUG and you’ll get £18 off when you spend £60. You’ll need to buy at least £18 of food/drink other than alcohol for it to work.

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Hailed by many as the ‘bargain of the century’, Prosecco fans will be saving a canny £11.50 off the usual retail price, where single bottles are normally priced at £5.97.