Save RV Kitchen Space & Make The Perfect "On The Road" Breakfast

Here’s an informative article on how you can get a multi-functional breakfast center for your RV and save space as well. The experience of preparing breakfast for a camping trip has two extremes; it’s either awesome or a real hassle.

Even though it’s a great feeling to be able to savour a delicious breakfast with freshly cooked bacon and a strong coffee, it is an entirely different experience to be the person who prepares all of it. Cooking can be more pressurizing if you have many family members with you who are starving.

Cleaning is another issue altogether. Who wants to take up the responsibility of cleaning during a vacation? A 3-in-1 breakfast center ensures that you don’t have to face all these problems.

The Nostalgic Electrics Breakfast Center includes a covered grill, a 4-cup coffee maker and a toaster oven.

If you have an RV with 120 AC power, you can save some stove and oven space with one of these breakfast stations. The multifunctional appliances do everything from making toast and eggs to sausage and coffee. They come in several designs and colors and include timers, temperature controls, non-stick griddles, 4-cup coffee makers, and removable oven trays.

Or try the Elite Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe Center.

The breakfast centers only take up about 10 to 11 inches of space on your countertop and weigh between 7.5 and 12 lb. They can be used not only for RVs, but for cabins, tiny houses, dorms or while traveling in hotels.

The MaxiMatic Breakfast Center has a retro style and cool blue color (also choose from red, black, or white).

Some of these breakfast stations come in a variety of colors to match your camper’s decor.