Antidepressant Microbes Found In Soil Makes Gardeners "Happier People"

Here’s an incredibly fascinating article on how the soil in your garden can make you a happier person.

Ask any passionate gardener about how much satisfaction he/she receives while spending time in the garden and their answer will be a tremendous amount. Many gardeners put a lot of their effort in intricate and delicate details to make their garden look beautiful. They crave perfection and ensure that their yard is a beautiful sight.

Another reason behind the satisfaction level of various gardeners is the recent discovery regarding soil microbes; they contain natural antidepressants! Although this news won’t come as a surprise to all those people who are actively involved in taking care of their plants, it has now been scientifically proven for the world to see.

We all know that many medicines and life-saving ailments come from various plants. Natural remedies have always been the best cures for different illnesses. After finding out about the hidden antidepressants in the soil, we can now see the link between human health and plants for ourselves.

Watch this video about how gardening makes you happy:

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