The 13 Cheapest Countries To Live For Expats

In a survey taken by 14,300 expats living in some countries all over the world, the answers were interesting. Most expats move to other countries for various reasons, some of them being a quieter life, job opportunities, or just the urge to travel elsewhere. Cost of living was also a question in the survey, along with lifestyle and aspects of life abroad.

Here we take a look at the top 13 places that expats say they would choose to move to. Not all the reasons are financially the best moves, but all of them are places where you may find expats enjoying a new life.

13. Romania

The cost of living here is incredibly low. With aid from the government, the country is seeing an increase in job opportunities for both locals and expats alike. Larger tax deductions are helping to increase the spending potential of the country, making it a place where expats might work and live cheaply.

12. Spain

Great weather, cheap food and transport make Spain a place to look at. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona offer expats jobs with good salaries, which in fact rate as among the best in Western Europe. Cheap accommodation is also a huge plus in Spain.

11. Malta

Malta seems to have achiever a happy balance between work and play, with enough time for recreation, combined with a well paid job, rates this country as a place to check out.

10. Poland

The cost of living is still way below those in London and Paris. Job opportunities for the professional service are freely available to expats. Because of the low cost of living, the salary will go a lot further.

9. Philippines

Here you will find extremely cheap accommodation, in fact it is up to 50{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} cheaper than in Thailand. Add that to the cheap cost of living, and you will find it very popular with expats.

9. Philippines — Accommodation is one of the cheapest in the region and around 50{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} less than what you'd pay for in another popular expat spot, Thailand.

8. Czech Republic

Rural areas have a cheaper cost of living than in the city of Prague, where housing and food are more expensive. That being said, the country is a haven for expats who like the country towns and relaxed lifestyle.

7. Ecuador

You will find that your salary goes a very long way here, although most expats are not there purely for financial reasons. With so much to see and do, it is a haven for many expats who have retired and have time on their hands to explore the region.

6. Hungary

Salaries are good here and the cost of living is cheaper. Over 30{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} of expats said that they were very happy with their salaries, an increase from 19{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} some years ago.

5. Mexico

Mexico has one of the lowest cost of living in the world. Places such as Cancun are still hotspots for tourists, but still brings in expats to look for a cheap way of life.

4. Vietnam

Food and accommodation are among the cheapest in the world. Your salary will last a while lot longer here than in many other countries.

4. Vietnam — In this country, your personal finances go a long way since lodging and food come at some of the relatively cheapest costs across the continent and globe.

3. Taiwan

96{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} of expats who did the survey said that they were satisfied with their salaries. 83{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} were extremely satisfied with the cost of living, and the accommodation prices.

3. Taiwan — 83{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} of those surveyed are generally satisfied with the cost of living in the country with 96{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} saying that their "disposable household income is sufficient for their daily life."

2. Thailand

Food, transport and living is very cheap here. Added to that that the coastal regions are full of beautiful beaches, it is small wonder that Thailand makes a good option for expats.

2. Thailand — Money goes a long way for expats as food, transport, and accommodation are cheap when compared to Western countries.

1. Ukraine

This is the top ranked place for expats, with some 45{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} agreeing that the cost of living is the main reason they are there. In fact, 75{76394c7c24b8203312612c34ebf89d48e4015a50338f4d2aafd6f0ae5c9f6130} of expats admitted that it was the very low cost of living that brought them there in the first place.

Source: Business Insider