The 15 Highest-Paying Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

Most people have to save up to go on holiday. It is the dream of many travellers to be able to have a job that funds their travel dreams.

There are some jobs which will enable you to do this. While some of them are very obvious, such as airline pilots, which get to jet set all over the world, there are some jobs which you may never have considered.

So if you dream of travelling, and getting paid while you do it, then check out the list here. A job site in the UK has put together a list of the 15 highest paid jobs for people with itchy feet.

  1. Stagehand – $10.62 per hour

15. Stagehand — £8.22 per hour.

Travelling to different places to set up props and scenes, to move things around and generally make sure that plays run smoothly. You may be expected to travel to wherever the different parts of the movie are filmed.

Average travel time each year: Normally this is a 6 month contract.

  1. Ski instructor – $20, 400 a year

14. Ski Instructor — £15,798 per year.

The work is dependant on the seasons and how often you intend to travel. Generally it is seasonal but there are some places that are all year round such as The Hintertux in Austria.

Average travel time each year: Seasonal.

  1. Flight attendant – $26, 400 per year

13. Flight Attendant — £20,419 per year.

Depending on the airline, a flight attendant can travel short or long distances. Some airlines only fly short distances, while others specialise in long haul flights. This is normally a full time job so travel is regular.

Average travel time each year: 100%

  1. Travel agent – $31, 400 per year

12. Travel Agent — £24,333 per year.

Often travel agents are required to travel to destinations to check out hotels and tourist facilities before they sell packages. Depending on where the company wants to send tours will dictate the destinations.

Average travel time each year: 30 – 40%

  1. Recruiter – $39, 200 per year

11. Recruiter — £30,351 per year.

Working in recruitment will mean that you get to travel to different places to meet future clients, and recruit companies.

Average travel time each year: 20%

  1. Pharmaceutical sales rep – $41, 400 per year

10. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep — £32,062 per year.

Reps in this business spend at least half their time travelling to visit clients at different places. Hospitals, doctor’s offices and the like are what you can expect to travel to.

Average travel time each year: 50%

  1. Travel Photographer – $ 42, 000 per year

9. Travel Photographer — £32,470 per year.

The more you travel, the more experienced you will be at this job. You can expect to travel most of the time to get shots for companies.

Average travel time each year: Up to 100%

  1. Travel writer – $42, 400 per year

8. Travel Writer — £32,791 per year.

Writers need to travel to different countries to sample foods and check out different cultures and lifestyles in other countries.

Average travel time each year: Up to 100%

  1. Auditor – $44, 000 per year

7. Auditor — £34,062 per year.

Auditors may need to travel to their clients to check that clients are paying their taxes on time. Depending on where a client lives, will determine the destinations.

Average travel time each year: Up to 15%

  1. Global events manager – $44, 600 per year

6. Global Events Manager — £34,519 per year.

Here you need to travel to a venue first before you book for a client, to check all is in order for the event. You will need to make catering arrangements and arrange entertaining contracts.

Average travel time each year: Up to 50%

  1. Airline pilots – $44, 700 per year

5. Airline Pilot — £34,575 per year.

This is a job which involves travel all the time, simply because they transport people all over the world.

Average travel time each year: 100%

  1. Retail Buyer – $50, 600 per year


4. Retail Buyer — £39,175 per year.

Travelling to trade shows and meeting wholesalers is part of this job. Destinations depend on where you are buying the products from.

Average travel time each year: At least 10%

  1. Travel Nurse – $55, 400 per year

3. Travel Nurse — £42,886 per year.

Normally for a limited time, these contracts run for around 13 weeks. It involves travelling with a client to destinations, and taking care of their medical needs.

Average travel time each year: Up to 13 weeks

  1. Freelance Designer – $59, 100 per year


2. Freelance Designer — £45,754 per year.

You get to travel to wherever your clients are based. This is normally a very well-paid job.

Average travel time each year: Up to 100%

  1. Management consultant – $71, 400 per year

1. Management Consultant — £55,236 per year.

This is one of the highest paid travel jobs. It involves visiting companies to assist with improving the overall business performance.

Average travel time each year: Up to 80%

Source: Business Insider