The Big Gardening Changes You Really Shouldn't Put Off Any Longer

When it comes creating the garden of your dreams, there’s a lot that you need to put into consideration.

What you are planting, how you will place them, the themes, the colors, the heights, the crafts, the walkways, the features – you name it! And it never ends, because a garden is never ever quite finished. You need to keep outdoing yourself every single day.

But worry not. This article is here to help. Here are some helpful tips on how to create the garden of your dreams.

1. Get Rid Of Weeds.

This is the obvious first because it’s one of the key things that can make your garden look unkempt. Get rid of weeds every time they rear their ugly heads. It’s not just about how they look. It’s also about what they do to your plants. They steal their nutrients. So, away with them!

2. Add Some Flowers For Color.

Going green is well and good. Heck, the whole world is doing it. But for your garden, you don’t need to take it too literally. Among your bushes and succulents, consider adding a pop of color with some flowering veggies such as garlic chives or red basil which work well because they carry both function and beauty.

3. Consider Some Themes.

Consider placing plants with similar color or texture together. Even when it comes to potted plants, try infusing some color coordination. And it doesn’t have to be similar colors only. Try complimentary color themes too. In terms of additional theme items, natural markers like stones or hand written signs can also come into play.

4. Place Trees And Shrubs In Pots.

When to planting in pots, most people go for flowers and smaller plants. But this doesn’t have to be so. Bigger is indeed better. Consider putting small trees and shrubs into pots for a change. You might be surprised at how great they’ll look. They fill pots in ways other plants can’t.

5. Say Yes To Furniture.

If you are working really hard on your garden, why not place some furniture to allow you to sit and enjoy your hard work? This will work perfectly if you have some space left amongst your beautiful plants. Such a spot can be perfect for some afternoon tea, especially if it matches your overall theme.

6. Get That One Big Plant.

If you want to add some drama and oomph to your garden, consider adding one big plant. An example is the Gunnera. It brings some Amazon rainforest feel to a garden. Need another example? Oriental lilies. Just be careful not to go too far with this idea. It’s likely to backfire if overdone.

7. Drop In Some Garden Art.

When it comes to your garden, make use of your creativity. Beyond the theme, the placements and the overall layout, you need to add some pizzazz with garden art. Go for things like little gnomes which are cute almost all the time. Don’t even try to hold back. Give your garden some personality.

8. Make Use Of Curves.

Something interesting happens when you add curves to a garden. The garden feels way bigger and more mysterious. Consider adding curved walkways to add that a feeling of size and mystery in between your beautiful plants. If done well, it will keep everyone, even you who goes to your garden every day, mesmerized and guessing.

9. Creative Pots.

When you get creative in your garden, one thing you shouldn’t forget is your pots. You can stick to conventional pots for larger plants and shrubs and go creative with the flower pots. Gather interesting containers lying around the house and get creative! Don’t discriminate against shape or color. Hint: Even rain boots qualify.

10. Select A Feature.

One thing you need to consider even before you begin any planting is a feature for your garden. It could be a specific statue, a water feature or a huge plant in the center of the garden or on the side. Either way, all other plants should be worked on in a way that highlights that feature.

11. Say No To Clutter.

This is likely the most important tip of them all. There are a lot of things you could do with your garden but if the space and the set-up don’t allow for it, don’t go overboard. Find the perfect balance between a creative and sophisticated garden and remember to take care of it religiously.

Source: Your Daily Dish