The Most Famous Anti-Drug Public Service Announcement, Just Got A Makeover And Some People Aren’t Happy About It

It was one of the most iconic public service announcements of a generation. The moment it aired, people were stunned. It definitely made an impression.

To this day if you were to lift a frying pan and utter the words “this is your brain…” everyone who watched television in the ’90s could finish your sentence.

Rachael Lee Cook smashes breakfast and quite possibly the entire kitchen in a fit of rage as she describes the affect of doing drugs on a person’s life:

It’s powerful stuff, no wonder the advertisers of the original PSA decided to bring it back 20 years later.

They fill in a few more details about the people affected by the War on Drugs, but do you think the additional information takes away from the original impact?

Watch below:

It’s still a powerful message, but many people argue that it could have been done differently.

What do you think?

[h/t 22Words]

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