These 12 Plants Will Keep Mosquitoes Away For Good

Summer is a wonderful time! However, for many areas this also means mosquitoes! Hundreds and thousands of them all out to attack you at any second and for the whole summer long. Summer is the time of year when they are most prolific and you will find they are out in force. Repelling these pesky insects is an ongoing battle.

A group of gardeners decided to plant some mosquito repellent plants in an attempt to make their yard a place that they can use without being constantly attacked. Below is a list of plants which will help keep mosquitoes at bay not only during summer but throughout the whole year, along with providing beauty for your garden.

Some of these plants are edible and smell delicious, while some provide beautiful colour for any border in a garden. One thing they all have in common is that mosquitoes do not like them and all them provide a natural repellent against the annual attack of blood sucking mosquitoes!

1. Lemongrass


2. Citronella

3. Marigolds

4. Catnip

5. Rosemary


6. Lemon Balm

7. Basil

8. Lavender

9. Peppermint

10. Pennyroyal

11. Geranium

12. Garlic

Source: Healthy Holistic Living