These Animals Are Famous Pets, Can You Name Their Owners?

Oh the luxuries of being rich and famous. We know about their huge homes, fast cars, expensive clothes, but one trapping of wealth stands above all the rest – exotic pets.

We’ve put together a little quiz for you. Match the strange pet with their famous owner! I’ll provide some clues and remember, no peeking!

1. Nora The Pig

Nora The Pig
The Guardian

Meet Nora. She’s the adorable pot belly pig of a famous young actress and singer. You can actually see her elbows (and a lot else besides) in the picture. That should be all the clue you need! Who is she?

If you guessed Miley Cyrus you’re right!

Miley and Nora

Miley was actually gifted Nora by PETA for her dedication to animal rights.

2. Honky and Tonky the Donkeys

Honky Tonky
Virgin Radio

These Honky Tonky Donkeys are the two adorable pets of a famous oscar-winning actress. They are also appropriately named because she won her oscar for playing a country-music legend, and wife of a music legend too. Think you know who it is?

Reese Witherspoon!

Reese Donkeys
Blitz Lift

Reese debuted her unusual furry friends on Ellen almost 7 years ago.

3. Pigeons


Less a pet and more therapy for this previously troubled boxer. These pigeons show a much softer side to this Iron-tough bad boy. Does that give it away?

Mike Tyson Pigeon

Iron Mike Tyson has raced and housed pigeons for years and has even said he’d like to die with them flying around him.

4. Octopus


I don’t know the name of this octopus, but I know he belongs to one of the most intense actors Hollywood has ever seen. The actor has said it calms him down and helps with his acting. It’s….

Nic Cage!

The actor might have to get a couple of more because it seems like roles are just out of arms reach nowadays.

5. Kangaroo

Just Cute Animals

This baby kangaroo might have been the prince of Rock n Roll considering who his famous daddy was. Can you guess the singer?

Elvis and Kangaroo

If you guessed Elvis you’re right!

So how did you do? Most of these no doubt came as a surprise.

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