Woman Tried To Call The Cops On This Fisherman, Here’s What Happened

Here we have a man who wants nothing more than to get to a pond and fish, only to be stopped repeatedly by an angry woman who insists he is trespassing. Not only that she threatens to call the police. It seems that this happens all the time, he never fishes at the pond near her as he knows he is not allowed, but merely walk by to the next one.

Here is the video which the man shot after – yet – again she came out hurling abuse at him and threatening to call the police. This time she did call the police. A cop showed up, checked out the guy, to make sure that he was not fishing where he shouldn’t be, and to politely request that he park elsewhere so as not to upset the angry lady any more.

The video shows him walking back past her house to his car, waving at her, while she refused to come out and talk to him. The guy had two thumbs up for the way the cop handled the situation, with politeness and diplomacy, where they could have been nastier.

The bottom line – you get a better response if you ask politely.

Source: Wide Open Spaces